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Your only task when playing Games is... Play and not die, just that. like something similar the other side of coin... kinda Yin Yang, Good and Bad. Have Fun playng "Survive or Respawn" with UE4 Dynamic Illumination in a neighborhood full of hordes of dead. If you die not't worry... yet.


*Important: Console Commands of Unreal is on "Num *";

A bug occours with camera on start just press "C" or "Shift";

WSAD -> Movements

H -> Hoster Weapon and change movement speed

C -> Change camera

Shift -> Sprint

Space -> Jump

R -> Reload

QE -> Next and Previous Weapon

C -> Change camera

Capslock -> Flashlight

Left Alt -> Crouch

X -> Ragdoll

Right Mouse - Aim

Left Mouse - Shoot

Scroll Mouse - Zoom

Install instructions

UE4 Pre-Requesites file included. If you know how to use Unreal console commands. The key is "Num *".


LucianoJacomeli_SurviveOrRespawn.zip 679 MB

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